Border Affairs Program Publications

Reports, fact sheets, brochures and other publications produced by the CalEPA Border Affairs program.

California-Mexico Border Relations Council:

California-Mexico Memorandum of Understanding on Climate Change and the Environment:

New River Improvement Project:

  • New River Improvement Project MOU (PDF)
  • Addendum to Strategic Plan: New River Improvement Project Update (PDF)

    In January 2016, the California-Mexico Border Relations Council considered this proposal to revise and update the recommendations presented in the 2011 New River Improvement Project Strategic Plan, on the basis of the work of the Technical Advisory Committee and community input. The revised recommendations were conveyed to the Legislature as an addendum to the original Plan released in 2011, and constitute the basis for future implementation of the Strategic Plan, particularly with regards to the implementation of the structural recommendations in the Calexico reach of the New River.

  • Strategic Plan: New River Improvement Project (PDF)

Border Region Solid Waste Working Group: