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Office of the Secretary                                                       

Jared Blumenfeld, Secretary for Environmental Protection
Contact: Michelle Hutzel (916) 323-2515

Serena McIlwain, Undersecretary for Environmental Protection
Contact: Michelle Sinclair (916) 323-2514

Erin Curtis, Deputy Secretary for Communications and External Affairs
Contact: Sarah Taylor (916) 324-9670

Sheryl Watson, Assistant Director for Communications and External Affairs
Contact: Sarah Taylor (916) 324-9670

Vacant, Deputy Secretary for Agriculture
Contact: Bonnie Waltz (916) 324-9701

Anna Ferrera, Deputy Secretary for Legislative Affairs
Contact: Brian Petersen (916) 322-7315

Yana Garcia, Deputy Secretary for Environmental Justice, Tribal Affairs and Border Relations
Contact: Leticia Syslo (916) 445-2041

Caroline Godkin, Deputy Secretary for Environmental Policy and Emergency Response
Contact: Bonnie Waltz (916) 324-9701

Julie Henderson, Deputy Secretary for Health and Public Policy
Contact: Brian Petersen (916) 324-2568

Eric Jarvis, Deputy Secretary for Fiscal & Administrative Programs
Contact: Ashlyne Poston (916) 323-2345

Christina Morkner Brown, Deputy Secretary for Law Enforcement and Counsel
Contact: Marcy Reed (916) 322-2893

Kristin Peer, Deputy Secretary and Special Counsel for Water Policy
Contact: Sarah Taylor (916) 324-9670

Lauren Sanchez, Deputy Secretary for Climate Policy and Intergovernmental Relations
Contact: Bonnie Waltz (916) 324-9701

John Blue, Manager of Climate Programs
Contact: Bonnie Waltz (916) 324-9701

Jason Boetzer, Acting Assistant Secretary for Local Program Coordination and Emergency Response
Contact: Jennifer Rohde (916) 327-9559

Jeremy Brown, Assistant General Counsel
Contact: Marcy Reed (916) 322-2893

Sergio Gutierrez, Agency Chief Information Officer
Contact: Ashlyne Poston (916) 323-2345

Suma Peesapati, Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement
Contact: Marcy Reed (916) 322-2893

Alejandro Rodarte, Assistant Secretary for Border Affairs
Contact: Vacant (916) 323-2514