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California EEI: Landmark K-12 Curriculum Teaches Academic Standards and More.

Learning about and protecting the environment will be important for the rest of your students’ lives. Environmental teaching can be built into all subject areas and provide real-world relevance to such varied areas as history, literature and science. In addition, students learn more and remember longer when the material relates directly to their lives.

CalEPA has created this page to give you easy access to all of our K-12 educational programs. We invite you to use our resources as a way to connect the environment to your classroom.

  • Education and the Environment Initiative. A new approach to education about the environment in California.
  • The Air Resources Board fights air pollution in California and offers information, activities, and lessons for students and teachers in the “Know Zone.”
  • The Department of Pesticide Regulation encourages schools to use integrated pest management (IPM) practices and assists school districts with implementing the Healthy Schools Act by offering tools, templates, and other resources.
  • Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) services for teachers, districts, and facilities. The California Education and the Environment Initiative (California EEI) is a cooperative, statewide effort to help K-12 students learn about the environment and how it relates to their everyday lives. This innovative curriculum was developed by Cal EPA’s Office of Education and the Environment in collaboration with various education partners, and school districts throughout the state.
  • The Department of Toxic Substances Control protects Californians from exposures to hazardous wastes and provides hard copies of the No Waste Anthology, Hazard House Workbook, activity books, crosswords, and pledges for teachers and students.
  • The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment assesses the health risks that chemicals in the environment may present to humans.
  • The State Water Resources Control Board has collected and reviewed curriculum materials that focus on watershed stewardship and monitoring, and will assist educators in identifying appropriate curricula for integration into K-12 education.

Kids’ Zone
Check out these fun websites and learn more about protecting and preserving the environment to keep California a healthy place for kids.

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