About the Environmental Complaint System

Acerca del Sistema de Quejas del Medio Ambiente de CalEPA

Welcome to the California Environmental Protection Agency’s (CalEPA’s) online environmental complaint system.

This website allows Californians to easily report an environmental problem anywhere in the state, whether it affects the quality of our air or water, the handling of hazardous or solid waste, or the use of pesticides.

Your reports can help protect California’s environment and public health. They can alert state and local environmental agencies to suspected problems before they become bigger problems. And they can provide witness accounts and documentation to help with investigations of unauthorized activity.

Please use the complaint form to provide as much information as possible to help investigators identify and address suspected problems. Simply select the type of problem you’re reporting, complete the form with as many details as you know, including photos and video, and click “Submit.”

Your complaint will be sent to the appropriate state or local agencies, depending on your location and the type of environmental problem you select. CalEPA’s boards and departments work with more than 400 local agencies that enforce environmental laws. This website saves you the trouble of having to find out which agency is the appropriate one.

For more information about what happens to your complaint, please visit our FAQs.

We will keep you informed about the status of your complaint. If you provide your email address, you will receive one notice when your complaint is received, another notice when the complaint is referred, including which agency is handling the complaint, and a final notice when it is closed.

You may also submit a complaint anonymously. However, if you do not provide your email address, you will not receive updates on the status of your complaint. Additionally, anonymous complaints may be more difficult to investigate because agency staff will not have a contact to answer questions about the report. For questions or concerns about privacy, please see our privacy policy.

If you have questions about CalEPA’s complaint system, please send them to complaints@calepa.ca.gov.

Thank you for helping to protect California’s environment!