California-Mexico Border Relations Council

AB 3021 (Núñez, 2006) created the California-Mexico Border Relations Council. The Secretary for Environmental Protection serves as the Council Chair. The Council will provide an annual update on California–Mexico activities and programs to the Legislature and will be the central organizing body overseeing and collaborating on California-Mexico border issues. The Council has the potential to identify new Border priorities and fundable projects in the areas of infrastructure, trade, environment, health and security while supporting current and ongoing activities such as the Border Governors Conference, trade missions, border workgroups, and coordinating specific future projects with Mexico.

California-Mexico Border Relations (Background)

Existing law established an Office of California-Mexico Affairs in the Trade and Commerce Agency, which is no longer in existence. In 2004, a list of California-Mexico programs from over 100 agencies was created entitled, “Inventory of Mexico Related Projects Conducted by California State Agencies” (ISBN: 1-58703-195-7 in California Research Bureau-California State Library). A majority of these programs are obsolete. At that time, no organizing entity existed to coordinate interagency cooperation. Thus, AB 3021 was created to fill a need for statewide oversight and coordination of multi-agency involvement with Mexico. AB 3021 creates an independent Council, the California-Mexico Border Relations Council, mandated to:

  • Coordinate cross-border programs, initiatives, projects and partnerships within California state agencies.
  • Establish California state agency policies for the collection and sharing of cross-border data.
  • Identify and recommend changes in the law needed to achieve the goals of the Council.
  • Provide an annual Council activities report to the Legislature.

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