Unified Program Publications, Guidance and Forms for Reporting

Publications and guidance documents relevant to the Unified Program are listed below.

Required forms and instructions for Business and Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) reporting are also listed.

Unified Program Publications and Guidance

Universal Waste Information

Fee Schedules for State Agency CUPA’s

Federal Facilities Excluded from California Business Plan Requirements

Reports to the State Legislature

Status of Unified Program Implementation and the Rural CUPA Reimbursement Account (PDF)
This report contains an update on the status of Unified Program Implementation statewide. It also contains information on the Rural CUPA Reimbursement Account status as of February 2002.

Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) Program Statewide Standards (PDF)
This report contains the established statewide standards for implementation of the Unified Program by local Unified Program Agencies. The Appendix to this report is the Compendium of CUPA Performance Standards (PDF)

Recommendations to Improve Unified Program Enforcement Consistency (PDF)
This report evaluates existing enforcement authorities and processes available under the Unified Program and recommends consideration of statutory changes to make enforcement more consistent.

CalEPA Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report

The annual CalEPA Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report is a compiled as a collaborative effort between the Office of the Secretary, the Boards, Departments and Offices within the agency and our allied enforcement partners.

CUPA Inspection and Enforcement Activity

This table shows annual summary report data related to inspection and enforcement activity as submitted by each certified unified program agency (CUPA).

Inspection Activity
by each CUPA
 (Report 3)
Enforcement Activity
by each CUPA
 (Report 4)
Inspection Activity Summary
Total of all CUPAs
Enforcement Activity Summary
Total of all CUPAs
FY 12-13 (Excel) FY 12-13 (Excel) FY 12-13 (Word) FY 12-13 (Word)
FY 11-12 (Excel) FY 11-12 (Excel)    
FY 10-11 (Excel) FY 10-11 (Excel)    
FY 09-10 (Excel) FY 09-10 (Excel)    
FY 08-09 (Excel) FY 08-09 (Excel)    
FY 07-08 (Excel) FY 07-08 (Excel)    
FY 06-07 (Excel) FY 06-07 (Excel)    
FY 05-06 (Excel) FY 05-06 (Excel)    
FY 04-05 (Excel) FY 04-05 (Excel)    
FY 03-04 (Excel) FY 03-04 (Excel)    
FY 02-03 (Excel) FY 02-03 (Excel)

 Business-to-CUPA Reporting Forms

All regulated businesses should now use the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) or a local CUPA portal to fulfill business-to-CUPA Unified Program reporting requirements.

Electronic Reporting Templates

  • Trade Secret Disclosure Form (Fillable PDF)
    • Save the form first before editing
  • Consolidated Emergency Response/Contingency Plan for uploading to CERS  (PDF)
    • Instructions (PDF)

CUPA-to-State Reporting Forms

  • Formal Enforcement Summary (PDF)
    • Instructions (PDF)
  • CUPA Self Auditing and Reporting Guidance  (PDF | MS Word)

Surcharge and Single Fee Summary Reporting Templates