Inspection and Enforcement Resources for Unified Program Agencies

The following documents are intended to assist Unified Program Agencies with inspection and enforcement activities.

  • Guidance Document for Inspection and Enforcement (PDF | Word)



  • CalEPA Suggested Guidelines for Digital Photos (PDF | Word)
  • Fact Sheet: Evidence and Sample Collection (PDF | Word)
  • Fact Sheet: Interviewing Techniques (PDF | Word)
  • Sample Chain of Custody Record (County of San Joaquin) (PDF | Word)
  • Sample Chain of Custody Record (County of San Diego) (PDF | Word)
  • Sample Chain of Custody Record (U.S. EPA) (PDF)


  • CalEPA Recommended Guidance on Search Warrants (PDF)
  • Sample Affidavit for Inspection Warrant (PDF | Word)
  • Inspection Warrants (PDF | Word)
  • Sample Inspection Warrant (PDF | Word)

Underground Storage Tanks

  • Sample UST File Review Equip Checklist 12-06 (PDF | Word)
  • Annual UST Compliance Inspections (LG 159 Draft) (PDF | Word)
  • Appendix A (LG 159 Draft) UST Compliance Inspection Report (PDF | Word)
  • Sample UST Annual Inspection Guide 7-05 (PDF | Word)
  • Sample UST Install-Modification Guide (PDF | Word)

Hazardous Waste

  • Sample Hazardous Waste Generator CUPA Inspection Report (PDF | Word)
  • Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility Inspection Checklist (PDF | Word)
  • Temporary Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility Inspection Checklist (PDF | Word)
  • Sample Hazardous Waste Large Quantity Generator Inspection Form (DTSC) (PDF | Word)


  • Inspection Report Writing Guidance for Unified Program Agencies (PDF)
  • Violation Classification Guidance Document (PDF)
  • Sample Return to Compliance Form (PDF)
  • Sample Procedure for Tracking Return to Compliance (PDF)


Additional Information

  • Overview of Environmental Law (PDF | Word)
  • CalEPA Recommended Guidance on Incentives for Voluntary Disclosure (PDF)
  • USEPA quick reference for Pre-Inspection, Field Inspections, Report Writing (PDF)
  • Unified Program Acronyms (PDF | Word)
  • Fact Sheet: Inspector Safety (PDF | Word)
  • Fact Sheet: New Laws for Certified Appliance Recyclers (PDF)
  • Fact Sheet: Proposition 65 (PDF | Word)
  • Sample Hazardous Materials Questionnaire for non-residential construction applicants (County of San Diego) (PDF)

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