Unified Program: Laws and Regulations

Title 27 Regulations Proposed Language Available for Review
In July 2016, CalEPA hosted four informal regulatory workshops throughout the state to share and discuss proposed amendments to the Unified Program regulations contained in subdivision 4 of Title 27 of the California Code of Regulations.  The draft regulations have been reviewed by CalEPA management and legal counsel and are available at CERS Central.  Proposed changes to the regulations can be distinguished by text formatting, existing text in strikethrough format is proposed for deletion and new proposed text is underlined.

CalEPA will formally begin the regulatory rulemaking procedure with the Office of Administrative Law in 2017, which will include a formal public comment period and a public hearing.  The proposed amendments include deletions of data dictionary elements for the Underground Storage Tank program that are no longer used; trade secrecy claims reported in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS); and changes to CUPA-to-State reporting requirements and report formats. Other non-substantial changes include clean-up of existing regulatory language.

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For specific details on the regulations referenced below, please contact the indicated state agency.

CalEPA Unified Program

Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Program (CAL FIRE- Office of the State Fire Marshal )

Area Plan Program/Business Plan Program (CalOES- Governor’s Office of Emergency Services)

California Accidental Release Prevention Program (CalOES- Governor’s Office of Emergency Services)

Hazardous Material Management Plan/Hazardous Material Inventory Statement Program (CAL FIRE- Office of the State Fire Marshal)

Hazardous Waste Generator/Tiered Permitting Program (Department of Toxic Substances Control)

Underground Storage Tank Program (State Water Resources Control Board)