Unified Program Contacts

CalEPA Unified Program

1001 “I” Street, P.O. Box 2815, Sacramento, CA 95812 General Information: (916) 327-9559 | Fax: (916) 322-5615 Email: cupa@calepa.ca.gov

CalEPA Unified Program Regulator Directory

This directory is a searchable source of information regarding state agencies, CUPAs, PAs, committees and other workgroups related to the Unified Program.


For all questions related to the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS), please Email: cers@calepa.ca.gov.

CalEPA Unified Program Contact List

  • Greg Vlasek, Assistant Secretary, Local Program Coordination and Emergency Response (916) 322-7188
  • John Paine, Environmental Program Manager (916) 327-5092
  • Melinda Blum, Senior Environmental Scientist, Supervisor (916) 327-9560
  • Kareem Taylor, Environmental Scientist, CUPA Performance Evaluation Team Lead (916) 327-9557
  • Christopher Moon, Environmental Scientist, CUPA Performance Evaluation Team Lead (916) 323-2204
  • Marc Lorentzen, Environmental Scientist, CUPA Performance Evaluation Team Lead (916) 322-2155
  • Fiona Humphrey, Associate Government Program Analyst (916) 445-6809

State Agency and Unified Program Element Contacts