CUPA Performance Evaluation Schedule

The CUPA performance evaluation process is defined in Title 27 of the California Code of Regulations, Article 8, Section 15330.  Each CUPA performance evaluation is conducted by an evaluation team comprised of representative staff from each state agency with Unified Program responsibilities (CalEPA, Cal OES, OSFM, DTSC, and State Water Board).  There are approximately 30 performance evaluations  completed each fiscal year.

CUPA performance evaluation findings are classified as: Meets or Exceeds Standards, Satisfactory with Improvement Needed, or Unsatisfactory with Improvement Needed.  As a CUPA makes progress in correcting identified deficiencies, the evaluation findings will be revised accordingly to reflect the overall improvement of the CUPA in implementing the Unified Program.

Select a year below to view the CUPA scheduled for performance evaluation, the date of the evaluation and the evaluation result, when applicable.  Details of each performance evaluation are available at: