California Hazmat & Oil Emergency

Hazardous MaterialsThe California Hazardous Materials and Oil Emergency Function is an annex to the State Emergency Plan. CA ESF-10 is a framework for agencies with jurisdictional or regulatory authority to conduct all phases of emergency management for threatened or actual releases of oil or hazardous materials.

The lead, primary, and supporting agencies named in the CA ESF-10 Annex work together within their respective authorities to, among other actions:

  • Minimize, contain, and monitor a release or spill.
  • Coordinate or oversee the removal of hazardous materials, oil, or debris.
  • Set or recommend evacuation, re-entry, clearance and remediation levels.
  • Develop guidance and recommendations for response activities.

CA ESF-10 Documents

Oil Spill Area Closed

Cal OES’s Hazardous Materials Tool Kit