California Accidental Release Prevention Program

CalEPA oversees the statewide implementation of the California Accidental Release
Prevention (CalARP) program, which aims to prevent accidental releases of extremely
hazardous substances that pose the greatest risk of immediate harm to the public and
the environment, minimize the damage if releases do occur, and to satisfy community
right-to-know laws.

Program 4 for Refineries

Program 4 (Refineries) Overview

Following the 2012 Chevron Refinery Fire, California created an Interagency Refinery Task Force (IRTF) headed by CalEPA with participation from Department of Industrial Relations and 11 other federal, state, and local agencies and other departments. The purpose of Program 4 is to prevent major incidents at petroleum refineries in order to protect the health and safety of communities and the environment. Click here to learn more about the CalEPA Interagency Refinery Task Force.

Program 4 expands the prevention program requirements for refineries and requires annual process safety performance indicators to be submitted to the CUPA.


Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPI)

Program 4 CalARP stationary sources are subject to further requirements under 19 CCR Article 7.

19 CCR Section 5110.19(h) discusses Process Safety Performance Indicators. Owners or operators of Program 4 facilities are required to submit a report to CalEPA and the UPA every year on June 30 for the period from January 1 to December 31 of the prior year containing the Process Safety Performance Indicator information listed in 19 CCR Section 5110.19(h)(1) subsections (A) through (E).

The completed Annual Process Safety Performance Indicator Form must be submitted every year on June 30 for the period from January 1 to December 31 of the prior year to both:

Note: The signature/certification on page 2 of this form is optional.


Legal Authority

California State Law: California Health and Safety Code, Division 20, Chapter 6.95, Article 2, Sections 25531 to 25543.3

California State Regulations: California Code of Regulations, Title 19, Division 5, Chapter 2, Sections 5050.1 to 5160.1

If you have any questions regarding the CalARP program, please contact the program at