CalEPA oversees the statewide implementation of the California Accidental Release
Prevention and Hazardous Materials Business Plan (including Area Plan) programs
and is responsible for setting program element standards, program consistency, and
providing technical assistance to the Unified Program Agencies.

HMBP/CalARP Unit Contact Information

CUPA Performance Evaluation Team  

John Elkins, Environmental Program Manager  
(916) 804-8349 

Elizabeth Brega, Senior Environmental Scientist, Supervisor  
(916) 318-8156 

Ammaad Akhtar, Hazardous Substances Engineer 
(916) 883-0960

Garett Chan, Environmental Scientist  
(916) 318-8352 

Julie Unson, Environmental Scientist
(916) 866-0013 

Alexa Kostrikin, Environmental Scientist 
(916) 883-0957

Andrea Moron-Solano, Environmental Scientist 
(916) 318-9346

State Agency and Unified Program Element Contacts

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