California Native American Tribal Relations

CalEPA and its boards, departments, and office (BDOs) are committed to improving our communication and working relationships with California Native American Tribes. To achieve this goal and to help guide CalEPA and its BDOs, first adopted a Tribal Policy in 2009. To improve and strengthen its policy for working with Tribal governments Secretary Matthew Rodriquez adopted in August 2015 the CalEPA Policy on Consultation with California Native American Tribes (PDF). This policy will serve to guide CalEPA and all its BDOs in their daily operations to work with California Native American Tribes in a knowledgeable, sensitive, and respectful manner.

CalEPA implements our Tribal Policy with the assistance of our Tribal Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from federally and non-federally recognized Tribes, and the input of interested Tribal governments, communities, and stakeholders.

Should you have any questions regarding this policy or this effort, contact Malinda Dumisani, at (916) 445-9480 or via email at

To find out more about how our Tribal Policy was revised, please refer to the Tribal Policy Revision Background page.