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Publications & Forms

Publications, including papers and reports, monthly newsletters, relevant to the Unified Program are listed below. Required reporting forms and instructions are also included for use by Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA), Designated Agencies (DA), Participating Agencies (PA) and the regulated community. Most of the forms below are in MS Word and/or Adobe Acrobat format.

Unified Program Administrative Advisory Group (UPAAG) Work Plan

  •  UPAAG 2007 Work Plan (PDF)

Business-to-CUPA Reporting Forms

All businesses should now use the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) to fulfill business-to-CUPA reporting.

Electronic Reporting Templates

  • Formal Enforcement Summary (PDF)
  • Formal Enforcement Summary Instructions (PDF)
  • Consolidated Emergency Response/Contingency Plan  (PDF, MS Word)
  • Consolidated Emergency Response/Contingency Plan Instructions (PDF | MS Word)

Required Summary Reporting Forms and Instructions for “CUPA-to-State” Reporting

  • Biennial Tiered Permit Release Report
    Effective July 2004, this report is no longer required. DTSC submitted a "non-substantive rulemaking" to the Office of Administrative Law to repeal T27 CCR sections 15290 (b) and (c) (ii). Unified Program Agencies will not be required to submit Report 5 to DTSC by August 30, 2004.

Annual Summary Report Data

Inspection Activity (Report 3) Enforcement Activity (Report 4) Inspection Activity Summary Enforcement Activity Summary
FY 12-13 (Excel) FY 12-13 (Excel) FY 12-13 (Word) FY 12-13 (Word)
FY 11-12 (Excel) FY 11-12 (Excel)    
FY 10-11 (Excel) FY 10-11 (Excel)    
FY 09-10 (Excel) FY 09-10 (Excel)    
FY 08-09 (Excel) FY 08-09 (Excel)    
FY 07-08 (Excel) FY 07-08 (Excel)    
FY 06-07 (Excel) FY 06-07 (Excel)    
FY 05-06 (Excel) FY 05-06 (Excel)    
FY 04-05 (Excel) FY 04-05 (Excel)    
FY 03-04 (Excel) FY 03-04 (Excel)
FY 02-03 (Excel) FY 02-03 (Excel)    

Federal Facilities Excluded from California Business Plan Requirements

Reports to the State Legislature

Status of Unified Program Implementation and the Rural CUPA Reimbursement Account (PDF)
This report contains an update on the status of Unified Program Implementation statewide. It also contains information on the Rural CUPA Reimbursement Account status as of February 2002.

Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) Program Statewide Standards (PDF)
This report contains the established statewide standards for implementation of the Unified Program by local Unified Program Agencies. The Appendix to this report is the Compendium of CUPA Performance Standards(PDF)

Recommendations to Improve Unified Program Enforcement Consistency (PDF)
This report evaluates existing enforcement authorities and processes available under the Unified Program and recommends consideration of statutory changes to make enforcement more consistent.

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