Site Designation Committee

Assembly Bill (AB) 2061 (Umberg) amended the Health and Safety Code (HSC) by adding Chapter 6.65 to Division 20. This law took effect on January 1, 1994 and was amended by Senate Bill 923 of 1994, Senate Bill 1425 of 1996, and Senate Bill 667 of 2000.

The purpose of the Site Designation process is to allow a Responsible Party who agrees to carry out a site investigation and remedial action to request the Site Designation Committee (Committee) within the California Environmental Protection Agency to designate a single state or local agency (Administering Agency) to oversee the site investigation and remedial action.

The Committee consists of six members representing the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), the Air Resources Board, the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, the State Water Resources Control Board, and the Department of Fish and Game.

For questions about the Site Designation process, please contact at (916) 327-7780.