IEMAC Meeting Materials for Sept. 21, 2018

These meeting materials are numbered to correspond with the topics on the IEMAC Agenda for 9-21-18.

Agenda Item 2: Approval of June 20 meeting transcript and summary
IEMAC Meeting Transcript 6-20-18
IEMAC Meeting Summary 6-20-18

Agenda Item 4:
California Air Resources Board presentation on proposed cap and trade amendments for price ceiling, offsets, allowance allocation and other topics relevant to sub-committee work – Rajinder Sahota
California Cap-and-Trade Regulation: Proposed 45-Day 2018 Amendments

Agenda Item 6: Sub-committee Reports

a. Subcommittee Report on Price Ceiling Considerations

b. Subcommittee Report on Overlapping Policies

c. IEMAC Environmental Justice Report

d. Subcommittee Report on Offsets

e. Report on Emissions Leakage and Resource Shuffling

f. Over-supply of allowances

Subcommittee Report on Managing Allowance Supply
Allowance Overallocation (Managing Allowance Supply)

g. Introductory Matter and Framing