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California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA)
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Office of the Secretary

Matthew Rodriquez, Secretary for Environmental Protection
Contact: Michelle Sinclair (916) 323-2514

Gordon Burns, Undersecretary
Contact: Michelle Hutzel (916) 324-3708

Grant Cope, Deputy Secretary for Environmental Policy
Contact: Bonnie Waltz (916) 324-9701

Alex Barnum, Deputy Secretary for Communications and External Affairs
Contact: Sarah Taylor (916) 324-9670

Sheryl Watson, Assistant Director for Communications and External Affairs
Contact: Sarah Taylor (916) 324-9670

Eric Jarvis, Assistant Secretary for Fiscal & Administrative Programs
Contact: Ashlyne Poston (916) 323-2345

Alexa Kleysteuber, Deputy Secretary for Border and Intergovernmental Relations
Contact: Rebecca Favila (916) 322-7649

Alejandro Rodarte, Assistant Secretary for Border Affairs
Contact: Rebecca Favila (916) 322-7649

Yana Garcia, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs
Contact: Bonnie Waltz (916) 324-9701

Sergio Gutierrez, Agency Chief Information Officer
Contact: Ashlyne Poston (916) 323-2345

Ashley Conrad-Saydah, Deputy Secretary for Climate Policy
Contact: Rebecca Favila (916) 322-7649

John Blue, Climate Change Senior Program Manager
Contact: (916) 322-7649

Christine Hironaka, Deputy Secretary for Legislative Affairs
Contact: Brian Petersen (916) 324-2568 Save & Exit

Christiana Tiedemann, Deputy Secretary for Law Enforcement and Counsel
Contact: Marcy Reed (916) 322-2893

Kristin Peer, Assistant General Counsel
Contact: Marcy Reed (916) 322-2893

Christie Vosburg, Assistant General Counsel
Contact: Marcy Reed (916) 322-2893

Greg Vlasek, Assistant Secretary for CUPA’s and Emergency Response
Contact: Jennifer Rohde (916) 327-9559

Gina Solomon, Deputy Secretary for Science and Health
Contact: Brian Petersen (916) 324-2568