Library Services

The CalEPA Library’s policy is to deliver quality reference service to all staff. The library also offers assistance to the public and answers inquiries made in person, by telephone, or by e-mail.

The library’s online catalogs include, not only listings of our print materials, but also links to hundreds of technical reports freely available online and to scientific journal subscriptions, accessible online from library computers and CalEPA staff computers.

The library staff provides CalEPA with access to information and resources not available in our collection through interlibrary loans from other governmental agency libraries, the State Library, and university/college libraries.

The Library maintains a combined reference center available to both staff and general public for use in the library, containing a variety of resources for use as quick lookup: directories for various environmental and government agencies; legal materials concentrating on the regulatory aspects of environmental law such as the California Code of Regulations; scientific resources such as the Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology and a variety of materials on hazardous chemicals and recycling.

The Library maintains a combined print journal collection with holdings dating back to the 1960s and reflecting the subject interests of the individual collections. The journal collection is available for viewing and copyright-compliant photocopying in the library; back-issues are available for staff to check out.