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Searching scientific literature

The Environment Abstracts (for the years 1984-2003) is a searchable database containing bibliographic records for published articles, papers, or reports containing critical, current information on all aspects of environmental technology. These include air, water, and waste pollution; energy and natural resources management and conservation; population growth and control; and geophysical and climatic changes.

EI Energy & Environment , produced by Environmental Information, Inc., provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of energy and the environment, including pollution, resource management and alternative energy resources.

The NTIS (National Technical Information Service) (for the years 1987-1998) is tasked with collecting U.S. Government Agency reports and contract reports, then making them available to the public. This CD-ROM index identifies those reports and gives an abstract of them. (Most of the reports listed will be available in the CalEPA Public Library, the California State Library or at U.C. Davis, but are in microfiche format. The CalEPA Public Library has a microfiche reader/printer available for staff and public use.

Legal Research

The Code of Federal Regulations lists the full text of the federal executive branch agencies’ regulations, which include Title 40, the Environment. This is taken from the Federal Register and is grouped by subject.

The Federal Register (1980-current) lists the regulations and legal notices issued by Federal agencies including Presidential proclamations, Executive Orders, Federal agency documents having general applicability and legal effect, and documents required to be published by act of Congress.

The California Code of Regulations lists the full text of the state agencies’ regulations. The library contains a selected set including Titles 2, 8 (partial), 22 (partial), 23, 27 and the Toxics Package. Selected titles include superseded pages beginning in the 1980’s.

The Chemcheck handbook is an extensive, easy-to-use cross-reference of hazardous chemicals and their governing regulations. Information is arranged in regulation-specific lists covering over 4,500 unique chemicals, and in handy multi-list matrices that allow you to determine at a glance many of the regulations that apply to each chemical you use.

The Community right-to-know manual : the guide to SARA Title III gives you the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to avoid penalties under EPCRA’s stringent emergency planning and toxic chemical reporting requirements. You’ll get detailed explanations of what is required — and how to comply.

The Complete guide to hazardous materials enforcement and liability presents details of the many toxics requirements in effect in California today. It covers the requirements for hazardous material storage and handling, air and water quality, hazardous waste management, pesticides, transportation, release reporting, use of new pollution control technologies, waste reduction techniques and homeland security issues.

The Environmental auditing : California compliance guide is intended to provide guidance for facility audits by outlining regulatory requirements and providing notes and checklists to the auditor. Checklists enable you to verify compliance. All topics cover the California-specific requirements, with federal regulations included where appropriate.

The Environmental compliance in California : the simplified guide provides a “hands-on” approach to environmental compliance and effective record keeping in California.

The Hazardous materials program commentary : California provides an overview of hazardous waste and toxics laws and regulations for California. Discusses both federal and state laws and regulations. Arranged by topic, each chapter also indicates how the programs under discussion interact with other areas of environmental legislation.

The ISO 14001 environmental management systems : a complete implementation guide covers each of the 17 clauses of the ISO 14001 EMS Standard. The step-by-step process discusses the specific requirements, techniques, and approaches for successful systems development, as well as implementation/audit tips. Case studies clearly illustrate important concepts, including sample procedures and programs, and task lists summarize the steps required to implement each clause.

The Underground storage tank guide provides practical, real-world advice on how to manage and comply with RCRA underground storage tank regulations. It covers state and federal requirements, technology options, liability concerns, and other UST management issues.

The Vehicle maintenance facilities in California : a federal and state compliance guide summarizes all of the federal and California-specific laws and regulations relating directly to facilities in California that maintain and service vehicle fleets. Self-assessment checklists enable you to identify which of the regulations are relevant to your operation; model plans assist in developing all the plans and programs required by the federal and state laws.


Select Phone Deluxe is an easy-to-use reference tool that gives you instant access to millions of business, residential and toll-free listings across the United States. The software is designed to give you easy access and multiple ways of searching the data. The databases provide detailed information including names, addresses, zip codes, and SIC codes.

The Thomas Register has information on 156,914 individual U.S. and Canadian manufacturers. The CD-ROM is searchable by the catalog index, product and services index, brand names, and company profiles.


The California 3-D TopoQuads (1999) contain actual USGS topographic maps scanned in the popular 1:24000 scale. The TopoQuads may be searched by place name, geographic feature, USGS quad, or latitude/longitude. DeLorme’s three dimensional street level mapping database profiles distance, elevation, grade, etc. This allows you to locate places quickly and easily and view a 3-D perspective of any area.

The Street Atlas USA CD-ROM index is a tool to help find and create a roadmap to almost any address in the U.S. The printed output is usually clearer and more accurate than the information obtained from the web.

The Thomas Guides are a series of street maps covering selected California cities and counties. They include zip code boundaries, block numbers, township tier, range and section numbers.