Independent Emissions Market Advisory Committee


May 27, 2022

9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PDT
(or until the close of business)

Participate in Person:
Coastal Hearing Room, 2nd Floor
CalEPA Environmental Protection Agency Building
1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Participate Remotely via Zoom Teleconference (see below)

In accordance with the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act, all meetings of the Committee are open to the public. This agenda, and any available meeting minutes and materials, can be found on the Independent Emissions Market Advisory Committee webpage.

Some of the IEMAC members will join the meeting from the locations below.

Dallas Burtaw, Chair
Resources for the Future
Room 540C, 1616 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Danny Cullenward, Vice-Chair
Ingleside Public Library
1298 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

Meredith Fowlie, Member
University of British Columbia
Vancouver School of Economics
Room 258, 6000 Iona Drive
Vancouver, BC V6T TL4 Canada

Join Meeting via Zoom:
Join Meeting by Phone:
(877) 853-5247 (US, Toll-free)
Meeting ID: 813 7087 9226
Passcode: 898061

Or you can find your local number:

IEMAC Members:

Dallas Burtraw, Chair
Danny Cullenward, Vice-Chair
Meredith Fowlie
Katelyn Roedner Sutter
Ross Brown, Observer


1. Call to Order, Roll Call, and Establishment of Quorum – Dallas Burtraw, Chair

2. Welcome, Introductions, and Meeting Purpose – Dallas Burtraw, Chair

3. Development of Potential IEMAC Comments on the AB 32 Climate Change 2022 Draft Scoping Plan – Dallas Burtraw, Chair

Discussion of potential IEMAC comments on the 2022 update to the California Air Resources Board’s Scoping Plan. Updates to the Scoping Plan are required every five years under AB 32 and the 2022 draft assesses progress towards achieving the 2030 target and lays out a path to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2045.
    A. Committee Discussion on the AB 32 Climate Change 2022 Draft Scoping Plan
    B. Potential Writing of Committee Comments on Draft Scoping Plan

    Background Information for this Item:

        March 15, 2022: CARB Initial Modeling Results Workshop (Greenhouse gas emissions)

        April 20, 2022: Initial Air Quality/Health Impacts and Economic Analyses Results Workshop

4. Discussion with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Scoping Plan Environmental Justice Advisory Committee (EJAC) Co-Chairs Regarding Their Scoping Plan Recommendations – EJAC Co-Chairs, Catherine Garoupa White, Sharifa Taylor, Martha Dina Arguello (invited)

   Background Information for this Item:

     April 21, 2022: California Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies

5. Discussion Regarding the Framework of the 2022 IEMAC Report Including the Process and Potential Topics

6. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda – Dallas Burtraw, Chair

The Committee may not discuss or take action on any matter raised during the Public Comment section that is not included on this agenda, except whether to decide to place the matter on the agenda of a future meeting. (Government Code, §§ 11125, 11125.7(a)

7. .Adjournment – Dallas Burtraw, Chair


Instructions for Remote Public Participation:

To participate in this IEMAC meeting virtually, please register for the IEMAC Meeting using this link.

To participate by Phone: dial (877) 853-5247 (toll free) or find your local number here: The Meeting ID is: 813 7087 9226. The Password is: 898061.

Public Comment:

Discussion and action may be taken on any item on the Committee meeting agenda. The time and order of agenda items are approximate and subject to change at the discretion of the Committee Chair to facilitate the effective transaction of business. If you wish to have a guaranteed opportunity to participate or observe any particular agenda item, please plan to virtually participate for the entire meeting.

Government Code section 11125.7 provides the opportunity for the public to address each agenda item during discussion or consideration by the Committee or prior to the Committee taking any action on said item. Members of the public will be provided appropriate opportunities to comment on any issues before the Committee, but the Committee Chair may, at his discretion, apportion available time among those who wish to speak. Individuals may appear before the Committee to discuss items not on the agenda; however, the Committee cannot discuss or take official action on these items during the same meeting. (Gov. Code, §§ 11125, 11125.7(a).)


For further information about this meeting, please contact Bonnie Waltz at +1 (916) 324-9701 or, or 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Accessibility at CalEPA:

Committee meetings are open to the public and are held in barrier free facilities that are accessible to those with physical disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are a person with a disability requiring disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in the meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, or if you require documents be made available in an alternate format or another language or require an interpreter at the hearing, please contact Bonnie Waltz at +1 (916) 324-9701 or, or 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Requests should be made as soon as possible, but at least three (3) business days prior to the scheduled meeting. You may also dial a voice TTY/TDD/Speech-to-Speech Communications Assistant at 7-1-1.

Accesibilidad en CalEPA (en español):

Las reuniones del Comité están abiertas al público y se llevan a cabo en instalaciones sin barreras que son accesibles para las personas con discapacidades físicas de acuerdo con la Ley de Estadounidenses con Discapacidades (ADA, por sus siglas en de la General de La N.o. Si usted es una persona con una discapacidad que requiere modificaciones o adaptaciones relacionadas con la discapacidad para participar en la reunión, incluyendo ayudas o servicios auxiliares, o si necesita que los documentos estén disponibles en un formato alternativo u otro idioma o requiera un intérprete en la audiencia, comuníquese con Bonnie Waltz at +1 (916) 324-9701 or Las solicitudes deben hacerse tan pronto como sea posible, pero al menos tres (3) días hábiles antes de la reunión programada. También puede marcar un asistente de voz TTY/TDD/Speech-to-Speech Communications Al 7-1-1.