Earth Day 2021

What you can do

Saving the Planet

CalEPA is a global leader on climate action and environmental protection. At CalEPA we are proud to protect these world-class landscapes, from high mountain peaks to valleys of crops to vast deserts and wide beaches. This Earth Week, we celebrate our partnerships with Californians and people all over the world who cherish this environment. We can all make a difference when we plant a tree, recycle a can or compost a banana peel. Look around this site and find out what else you can do. Then take a moment to share your efforts on social media by including the hashtags #WhyISaveThePlanet and #HowISaveThePlanet. Follow along with the campaign at #CalEarthDay51. We are all in this together.






Tea With Jared – 2021

Watch as CalEPA Secretary Jared Blumenfeld  engages with special guests for online tea time. They have fun, reflect on California’s environment and discuss what inspires them to do their part to help the planet. 

Flashback to Earth Day in 2020

What you can do

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