Executive Management

Meet the CalEPA executive management team and read their biographies.
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A photo of CalEPA secretary Yana Garcia.

Yana Garcia
Secretary for Environmental Protection

Business portrait of Jason Boetzer in Sacramento, California

Jason Boetzer
Assistant Secretary for
Local Program Coordination and Emergency Response

Jeremy Brown
Assistant General Counsel

Business portrait of Executive Management at CalEPA in Sacramento, California

Erin Curtis
Deputy Secretary for
Communications and External Affairs

Business portraits of Shereen D'Souza in Sacramento, California

Shereen D’Souza
Deputy Secretary for
Climate Policy and
Intergovernmental Relations

Eric Jarvis
Deputy Secretary for
Fiscal and Administrative

Business portrait of a Linda Lye in Sacramento, California

Linda Lye
Deputy Secretary for
Law Enforcement and General Counsel

Business portraits of Clare Mendelsohn in Sacramento, California

Clare Mendelsohn
Deputy Secretary
for Public Policy

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Anna Naimark
Deputy Secretary and
Special Counsel for Water Policy 

Business portrait of Craig Scholer in Sacramento, California

Craig Scholer
Deputy Secretary for
Legislative Affairs

Business portrait of Rachel Zwillinger in Sacramento, California

Rachel Zwillinger
Assistant General Counsel for

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Undersecretary for Environmental Protection

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Agency Chief Information Officer

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Deputy Secretary for
Environmental Justice, Tribal Affairs and Border Relations

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Deputy Secretary for
Environmental Policy and Emergency Response