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CalEPA’s boards and departments enforce environmental laws that regulate air and water pollution, toxic substances, the use of pesticides, and waste recycling and reduction. The Office of the Secretary of CalEPA is responsible for ensuring that this enforcement work is consistent, effective and coordinated across all programs.

One of the programs CalEPA administers is the Unified Program, the unified hazardous waste and hazardous materials management regulatory program. CalEPA oversees and certifies local and regional government agencies that are responsible for enforcing environmental laws and regulations on facilities that produce or handle hazardous waste in California.

CalEPA also makes available Supplemental Environmental Projects. In a settlement, these are projects that violators can agree to fund in lieu of part of the penalty that they would otherwise be required to pay.

(Refinery Task Force? Is that an enforcement tool?)

CalEPA also manages a cross-media enforcement training program, coordinates a steering committee focused on multimedia environmental enforcement, runs a task force designed to promote environmental regulatory compliance in disadvantaged communities, and administers a grant program that provides funds to train environmental regulators and prosecutors.

The goals of California’s environmental laws cannot be achieved without compliance. To achieve compliance, CalEPA uses many tools including education, inspection and enforcement.

This site has information on who enforces California’s environmental laws, training opportunities, and enforcement guidance documents.

DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT – Under Development – SW 8-17-18