Unified Program and COVID-19

Administration, Implementation and Regulatory Compliance

CalEPA issued a Statement on Compliance with Regulatory Requirements During the COVID-19 Emergency, which applies to all environmental regulations in California. Please read it carefully, as it also provides specific instructions to regulated facilities that may need additional compliance assistance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regulated facilities must contact the appropriate CalEPA board, department or office before falling out of compliance. Within the Unified Program, regulatory agencies also include the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and Cal Fire. 

Contacts and guidance webpages for each of the six Unified Program hazardous materials and waste programs are provided below. When submitting a request, CalEPA recommends cc’ing your local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA). A link to the directory of local CUPAs is also provided below.

Requests will be expedited. CalEPA, Unified Program state agency partners and local CUPAs are maintaining close communication and collaboration.

Contacts for Compliance Assistance

See below for Unified Program state agency contacts, as well links to COVID-19 specific guidance for each of the six Unified Program hazardous materials and waste programs. When submitting your request for compliance assistance, cc your local CUPA using the Unified Program Regulator Directory.

 Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Program

 Hazardous Materials Business Plan Program

 California Accidental Release Prevention Program

 Fire Code – Hazardous Material Management Plan/Hazardous Material Inventory Statement

 Hazardous Waste Generator/Tiered Permitting Program

 Underground Storage Tank Program

Unified Program Administration and Implementation