New River Strategic Plan Updates

The New River flows north through Mexicali, Baja California, continues through Calexico, California, and onward to the Salton Sea. The New River is severely polluted by discharges of wastes from domestic, agricultural and industrial sources in Mexico and the Imperial Valley. New River pollution threatens public health, prevents supporting healthy ecosystems for wildlife and other biological resources in the New River and contributes to the water quality problems of the Salton Sea. New River pollution also hinders economic development in Imperial County.

In 2010 the CMBRC appointed the new River Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to oversee the development of the New River Strategic Plan to study, monitor, and enhance the New River’s water quality. The TAC began work in the summer of 2010, and with the collaboration of many people, the New River Strategic Plan was completed and released to the public May 25, 2012.
New River Strategic Plan

New River Improvement Project Proposal

In January 2016, the California-Mexico Border Relations Council considered a proposal to revise and update the recommendations presented in the 2011 New River Improvement Project Strategic Plan, on the basis of the work of the Technical Advisory Committee and community input. The revised recommendations were conveyed to the Legislature as an addendum to the original Plan released in 2011, and constitute the basis for future implementation of the Strategic Plan, particularly with regards to the implementation of the structural recommendations in the Calexico reach of the New River.
Addendum to Legislature (PDF).

Oversight hearing on restoration of New River

On March 19-20, 2015, The California State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials hosted a two-part series of oversight hearings regarding Californian’s role in the restoration efforts of the New River and Tijuana River. Aimee Barnes, CalEPA’s Deputy Secretary for Border and Intergovernmental Relations, was asked to testify at the Oversight Hearing on New River Restoration Efforts.

Recommended Actions for the CalEPA BDOs as proposed by the Colorado River Basin Regional Water Control Board (PDF)

Hearing Testimony by Cal EPA’s Deputy Secretary for Border and Intergovernmental Relations (PDF)

Hearing Testimony by the Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board (PDF)

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