CalEPA Border Activities

Current activities of the CalEPA Border Affairs program and the California-Mexico Border Relations Council (CMBRC).

California-Baja California Regional Workshop on Waste Tire and Solid Waste Management (Nov. 13-14, 2017)

Baja California’s Environmental Protection Agency (SPA) held a workshop regarding California-Baja California Waste Tire and Solid Waste Management. Speakers included waste tire experts from San Diego State University and CalRecycle. For presentations and materials, please click the following links:

California Mexico Joint Action Plan

California and Mexico recently unveiled the Joint Action Plan (PDF) that will direct the work of the Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) between California and Mexico to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect public health and natural resources, and invest in a clean economy. The MOU was signed July 2014 by California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr, Rodolfo Lacy, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico, and Jorge Rescala Perez, General Director for the National Forestry Commission of Mexico. The recently completed Joint Action Plan calls for collaboration on climate change, air quality, wildfires and clean vehicles. More information (PDF).

Environmental Health Leadership Summit (Nov. 21, 2015)

The annual Environmental Health Leadership Summit is a community-centered event featuring the perspectives and challenges of communities, governments, stakeholders, and others in matters of environmental health. The 2015 event took place in Brawley, CA and featured speakers from the State Legislature, federal and state agencies, local governments, public interest groups, residents and academia.

The summit is designed as a forum for participants to network with others from a variety of backgrounds in order to access resources, strategies, and tools that will support their individual program goals. Summit participants explored paths to environmental justice by seeing it in action by way of innovation and collaboration. Watch a video (Adobe Flash Video. 59:08 minutes)summary of the event and plan on attending in 2017.

New River Strategic Plan

The New River is severely polluted by discharges of wastes from domestic, agricultural and industrial sources in Mexico and the Imperial Valley. New River pollution threatens public health, prevents supporting healthy ecosystems for wildlife and other biological resources in the New River and contributes to the water quality problems of the Salton Sea. The CMBRC produced the New River Strategic Plan in a stakeholder led approach to address these problems, and continues to update the plan.

Tijuana River Valley Recovery Strategy

Reducing the discharge and cleaning up sediment and trash in the Tijuana Valley is among the highest priorities of the San Diego Water Board. Since many of the sources of sediment and trash are outside of the jurisdiction of the agencies we regulate, the Water Board has convened a collaborative, stakeholder-led approach to address these problems.

Border 2020

The Border 2020 U.S.-Mexico Environmental Program is the latest environmental program implemented under the 1983 La Paz Agreement. The Border 2020 Environmental Program, emphasizes regional, bottom-up approaches for decision making, priority setting, and project implementation to address the environmental and public health problems in the border region. The program is designed to encourage meaningful participation from communities and local stakeholders.

Active participation in the California Mexico Border Relations Council and the U.S.-Mexico Border Environmental Program (Border 2020) is an important element in promoting interagency cooperation and collaboration for CalEPA and its BDOs as well as the member agencies of the CMBRC.