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California Land Environmental Restoration and Reuse Act

SB 32 (Chapter 764, Statutes of 2001) by Senator Escutia enacted the California Land Environmental Restoration and Reuse Act. The Act establishes a local agency hazardous materials cleanup program designed to help return brownfields to productive uses. In addition, it requires CalEPA to provide a variety of information related to brownfields cleanups, and to develop a set screening values for hazardous substances commonly found at brownfields sites. The information required by SB 32, as well as other information regarding CalEPA’s brownfields efforts, is posted below.

Oversight Agency Guidelines (PDF, 20 KB) - Either DTSC or the Regional Boards will oversee cleanups that are conducted under this program (except in certain circumstances where local agencies may oversee the cleanups). CalEPA has developed guidelines to describe the process that will be used to determine which will be the oversight agency.

California Human Health Screening Levels (CHHSLs) -CalEPA has developed “screening values” for 54 hazardous substances that are typically found at brownfields sites. These values serve as reference numbers to help developers and local governments estimate the costs and extent of cleanup of contaminated sites, providing valuable information in their development decisions.

Follow the links below for screening numbers and other important information:

This Microsoft Excel-based calculator is provided as a tool to assist in calculating the Hazard Index and Risk Index based on soil concentrations and/or soil gas concentrations using the California Human Health Screening Levels. This calculator was developed in response to concerns that the CHHSLs do not account for the presence of multiple contaminants, but require calculation of a hazard index and risk index when multiple contaminants are present at a site.

The calculator is for your personal use. While we believe it will provide accurate results when used as designed and intended, it is the responsibility of the user to verify the results. The California Environmental Protection Agency and its boards, department and offices are not responsible for any decisions, actions, or conclusions taken or made based on the results obtained using the calculator.

The calculator was created using Microsoft Excel 2000. When opening the file, the user must click on “Enable Macros” for the calculator to work. Problems encountered or suggestions for improving the calculator should be sent to dsiegel@oehha.ca.gov.

  • Information on Cleanup Processes (PDF, 305 KB) - To assist in better understanding the processes that govern cleanup decisions, CalEPA, working with DTSC and the State Water Resources Control Board, has developed a document that describes the cleanup programs and processes of both DTSC and the Regional Boards.
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